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1. The reason ‘Why’.

Every rebranding idea should start with ‘the reason why’. A thorough understanding of this, is important for further work. Is it driven by a need to accelerate growth? Or does the company faces a new or multiple stores? Is the market becoming more and more attractive and is rebranding needed to secure your position? Or is there a legal reason? Every brand has it’s own reason. It’s important to know it in depth.

Just started a business? Then it’s branding without the ‘re-‘. Today, it’s more and more important to think about your brand-image. Starting of with a great looking concept, can make the difference. Definitely, in the business to consumer market.

Intake & audit

Tell us the story of your company, about you or the company your are working for.

Very important here is that we get to know the company’s vision. What does the company represents? Not the product, but the gap in the customers life.

What are the goals within the next 5-10 years? What’s the position right now on the market, and where do you want to stand. Tell us about your competitors. Inform us on how you were working in the past few years on marketing level.

There’s a difference between the story we hear from you and the story we find online. Before we meet, we do a research en discover your online position.

This step contains the SWOT analyses of the company and the product.

Making it personal.

Talk talk talk. Yep, we love it. And we really hope you love it too, because it’s necessary. We need a overview of the business, the way you are working today, your ideas for the future and how you see your business.

2. Researching the firm and target your clients.

The next step is to conduct independent research on your form and your clients. Not the person who talked to you in step 1, but another person will investigate online position of the firm. The goal is to have an objective understanding of your current brand perception and competencies.

This step contains: ‘target audience’ and ‘media selection’.

Our concept strategist defines your firm online.

Without objective research, you will build a brand on false assumptions.

3. A concept in brand identity

This is going well. Your market positioning is a brief description of where you fit into the market space. Are you an innovative leader or a low cost provider?

This is the part where our concept strategist, together with one of our creatives develop the visual elements that will communicate your brand. The firm name, logo, tagline, coloring, design. These elements are the basic of further creation of documents, website(s) and advertising purposes.

In this stage we deliver a package of visuals and copy. From this stage we choose a path where we go in depth.

We work with Slack.

And we add you and everyone that has a say in this project.

Good Internal communication, results in a great external communication.

4. Building your new website.

Your website is the most important medium to boost your brand. Call to actions (CTA) will be forwarded to your site. Starting your firm or re-boosting your brand, needs a great looking, functional, informative and user-friendly platform where customers are welcome and becoming returning visitors.

It is no exaggeration to say that a website is the heart of a modern professional services firm.

We first deliver a framework of your website. After your approval, we start programming and within every stage, we inform you via Slack.

The start of a new beginning.

The heart of your firm, reflected online.

5. + presence identity

We create your full package graphical identity, from logo to briefpaper to business cards.

How do your employees present themselves?

A professional identity gives confidence. It’s still you responsibility to have a couple of business cards in your car, in you handbag or wallet.

6. On-going collaboration

We know the cycling branche and we know your brand. That’s why we can give you an offer in on-going content delivering and social media management.

Start making your website a place of content.

“Start communicating, stop spamming.” It’s a popular saying, but reality in times of social media. Tell the story of your products, be honest and inform your clients. Your brand will boost and result in success.

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