Our story

Brandwerk Cycling Media Agency was founded in 2015. The story of creating digital content for businesses in all kinds of branches, was our main activity. In 2016, we had the chance to run a cycling store. Marketing in that model was our specialty and an opportunity. This was a full-time job and we were wondering how other bicycle stores managed to do that. After long talks with distributors, brand-representatives, we concluded there wasn’t a marketing solution for the cycling branche.
With a combination of a cycling & marketing-educational background, we started Brandwerk.agency. Of course, there were a lot of agencies who are offering their creative skills for all kinds of branches.
Cycling is different. You need to communicate in a cycling language. In these fast changing media ages, clients need expertise and knowledge in the branche. Brandwerk understands the issues cycling retailers and brands struggle with. We advice in social media, create the best way of communication, deliver marketing campaigns and make impact-video. Today, our clients are cycling organizations, cycling brands, retailers and distributors.