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The process of our offer in social media is pretty simple from a user standpoint. There is no better way to communicate with your audience then through the possibilities social media give us. Every day is a new day to tell a story about your brand and products.

1. Intake & audit

Tell us the story of the business: about you and your business or the company you are working for.

Very important here is that we get to know the company’s vision. What does the company represents? Not the product, but the gap in the customers life.

What are the goals within the next 5-10 years? What’s the position right now on the market, and where do you want to stand. Tell us about your competitors. Inform us on how you were working in the past few years on marketing level.

Our research.

There’s a difference between the story we hear from you and the story we find online. Before we meet, we do a research en discover your online position.

This step contains the SWOT analyses of the company and the product.

Market research document.

If you just want our opinion and advice, we bundle this information and deliver a full package of tips&tricks, how we see your business and our vision on possibilities.

Interested in step 2? We’ll create a concrete offer on how putting the brand online.

2. Tailer-made plan

We know your business and we have ideas. After a long brainstorming session with our team, we deliver 3-4 slopes. We have are preference but you need to give your opinion on these ideas.

After this 2nd meeting or online conference, we set up a price in detail.

This contains ‘target audience’ and ‘media selection’.

Our quotations are full optioned.

It’s like, when you buy a new car and you want some options, but don’t want to get overpriced. You can pass for seat-heating.

3. Let’s get to work!

Actually, we already worked like 2 days straight. That’s how ambitious we are. This is getting more and more concrete.

First, the design that is the outline of ad on paper or online, is made by a copywriter or one of our creatives. Then, the actual creation of ad is done with help of our concept strategist.

We add you to our Slack communication platform. Mail is awesome, but Slack gives you the flexibility to note your comments instantly. We can give you inside look on where the process is going.

We work with Slack.

And we add you and everyone that has a say in this project.

Good Internal communication, results in a great external communication.

4. There is room for more.

Additional enquires can be made by just contacting us via Slack or a call. Depending on the extra work, we’ll tell you there’s an extra budget needed.

We strive perfection. It could be, that we’ll ask you to expand your budget if we think it’s necessary.

Flexibility in work.

That’s why we give you a full optioned quotation. To give you space and flexibility in what may come.

5. Place and time of the ad.

Do you have a content calendar? We add video, online content in your management. On demand, we can deliver a tailer-made content-calendar.

The place will be decided according to the target customers. The time depends on the most high ranked position in analytics (media).

Right time, right place.

We strive to the most impact. The most qualitative audience, on the right time. We need insight in your audience statistics to manage this.

6. Performance.

What can we do more. Or better. A lot of work and vision, but as the world goes, nobody (and noting) is perfect, except the imperfection. We analyze the results (statistics) to make adjustments in monitoring.

After the ad time, we judge the performance of the ad in terms of the response from the customers.

Making adjustments.

The topic of transparency is no topic that must be written here. It’s normal like our cup of coffee in the morning.

With every ad, we deliver a full performance overview. Why? So you can have a better overview and insight in how the ad was created en published. Data is everything.

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