We help your brand to be recognizable.

Let us tell you about our passion for cycling and mobility. In a rapidly changing economic context, we are convinced that cycling brands need to make hard decisions. That’s why we started Brandwerk Cycling Media. We love cycling and the way it’s going, is pretty positive.

You can only win a race when you know how far the finish line is. We tinkle until the goal is reached. This is how we work on your brand, campaign or social media channels, as a good mechanic maintains a customer's bicycle. We are always curious about the possibilities of new technologies but do not lose sight of the traditional craftsmanship and knowledge.

Cycling is so much more than stepping on pedals. People are telling a story on their bike. We shape that bike experience.

Retail Agency

We connect with local bicycle retailers. We introduce your brand and stay connected for order, shipment and service.

"We connect your brand with BENELUX cycling retailers."


Marketing campaigns are the hills in communication. A peak in engagement, where hard work is normal. Once you hit the top, you reach more visibility. We love smart, creative and effective campaigns that reach the top.

"To reach your audience, you need to know communities."

Photography & Video

A great brand is like a good friend. You know each other, recognize communalities. There is trust and you introduce him to other friends. We make your brand a friend of your audience. Make it personal. Communicate with your audience face-to-face.

"A great brand is like a good friend. You know each other, recognize communalities."

Social Media

Thanks to social media, you can build a loyal audience around your brand. We make smart and highly customized content for your existing or future audience. We advice you to consider a budget for content distribution.

"We take over your social media channels."


A third-person talking about your brand, gets more credibility. We launched Vivocyclo for these purposes. Don't be fooled. We create native content and connect your brand within these videos, articles and photos.

"We use our in-house media to connect with your brand."

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